Planting & Transplanting

Planting & Transplanting Services Glen Burnie​

We know how important it can be that shrubs and trees are planted correctly. Whether this is a new tree installation or a much loved tree that needs to be moved to a new home, our professional Glen Burnie team of highly trained specialists have the knowledge and skill needed put your mind at ease.

Large trees and shrubs can be heavy, dropping or mishandling them can cause major stress and damage delicate roots carrying essential water and nutrients. There are many things to consider when transplanting or planting an existing tree or shrub so feel safe in the experience that our Glen Burnie tree service team can provide a hassle free service.

Firstly you should consider where to plant them. Many zoning and neighborhood associations in Glen Burnie have rules regarding what and where you can plant. Before any work is carried out you should be aware of any underground utility lines and have them marked free of charge by calling 811. This should save both of us any unexpected surprises.

When planning your new location you should consider distance from buildings, overhead wires and existing landscaping. We can help evaluate this to ensure the survival and health of any shrub or tree service removal Glen Burnie MD. The time of year you plant can also have a huge impact on the well being of your tree. We make sure the spot located provides enough sunlight and the right soil conditions for your specific one. The optimal time to plant is fall or early spring, however in southern areas like Arvada, they can also be planted in winter.

When transplanting one there are other variables to ensure a long and healthy life. Our skilled team of Glen Burnie arborists assess the maturity and variety of the tree as well as its current location to make sure that its new home is the best place for it to thrive. Once the shrub has been planted our experts can advise or assist you in its ongoing maintenance to make sure you get the greatest value from it. Most new or transplanted losses are from over or under watering. Soil conditions are important as is the amount of rain fall you'll experience. Consult one of our team members for the optimal watering schedule and equipment to suit your specific situation.

Mulching should also be considered. Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil and helps protect the trunk from damage as well as maintaining soil moisture, nutrition and temperature. Transplanted trees can behave differently to new ones, so ask us whether fertilizer or a root stimulator is the best option for you.

Insect control is also important to protect your trees and you should keep an eye out for boring insects, oozing sap and ant traffic. One of our staff will be happy to answer any questions and provide suggestions.